Unlimited Product Definition

You can define as many categories and products as you want. With product categories and search, the desired product can be easily added to the basket.

Defining Addresses from the Map

Location information is determined and marked on the map, the user can define own address by marking a different location on the map.

Online Secure Payment

With the 3D secure payment method, your customers can make their payments securely.

Pay at the door

If you wish, you can get your order payments with pay at door methods. This methods can be with cash or card.

Live Order Tracking

Users can follow the status of their orders and the location of the courier live on the map.


With the campaign module, you can offer discount opportunities to your users.

Invoice & Integrations

Invoices can be created with e-Archive / e-Invoice integrations, erp integrations can be made according to your needs.

Staff Application

The orders received can be directly assigned to the relevant staff. The preparation and delivery stages of the order can be easily managed.

Management Panel

You can control your application from the management panel and track your status with detailed reports.


Contact With Us

Send your needs by contact with us, we will send special offer for you.


Your Brand and Design

Let's make special arrangements for your brand by determining your brand and application design.


App Installations and Trainings

Let's provide trainings on application management by making the installations.


Publishing in App Stores

Let's publish the application on AppStore and Google Play Store, start taking orders.


You can review the screenshots of our sample application, contact us for a similar application specific to your brand and needs.

Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Giriş
Mobil Alışveriş Uygulaması - Anasayfa
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Anasayfa
Mobil E-Ticaret Uygulaması - Kampanyalar
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Ürün Listesi
Mobil Alışveriş Uygulaması - Ürün Arama
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Ürün Sepeti
Mobil E-Ticaret Uygulaması - Online Ödeme
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Kapıda Ödeme, Kampanya İndirimleri
Mobil Alışveriş Uygulaması - Sipariş Takip
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Kurye Takip
Mobil E-Ticaret Uygulaması - Sipariş Teslim
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Adresler
Mobil Alışveriş Uygulaması - Haritadan Adres Tanımlama
Mobil E-Ticaret Uygulaması - Manuel Adres Tanımlama
Mobil Sipariş Uygulaması - Hesabım
Mobil Alışveriş Uygulaması - Profil

Demo App Video

User Comments

We thanks for all our awesome testimonials! There are hundreds of happy customers! Let's see what others say about our application.


Mobile Order Application is an e-commerce application that belongs to your brand and can be used by users by downloading from application stores on mobile platforms such as phones and tablets. You can publish all your products you want to sell online on this application. Users can add the products they want to buy to their baskets and create an order.
Our application can be used for all sectors that want to sell on the internet. It can be used in grocery orders, food orders, retail and wholesale product sales. Our application can be used in all sectors that want to take orders and make sales on the internet such as food, textile, technology markets, etc.
Yes, the application will be published in the app stores with the name, logo and design you prefer.
If there is a system you use and we have the possibility to integrate with this system, we can get product definitions through this system. If this system is not available, you can make the definitions on the web management panel. With Excel, you can transfer your entire product list to the system. You can edit the categories and product images as you wish.
If you have the system for that and we have the possibility of integration with this system, we can control the product is exists or not through your existing system. If you do not have an existing system, you can manage product availability on the management panel.
While the products are displayed on the screen, existing product are displayed, when they are added to the basket and the order is created, the product availability checks are made for the product again.
Kapıda ödeme ve online ödeme seçenekleri bulunmaktadır. Kapıda ödeme için Nakit ve Kredi Kartı. Online ödeme için Kredi Kartı ile 3D güvenli ödeme alabilirsiniz. Talep ettiğiniz farklı ödeme seçenekleri için uygulama altyapımızı hazır hale getirebiliriz. Tercih ettiğiniz ödeme seçeneklerini kullanıcılarınıza sunabilirsiniz. Örneğin kapıda nakit ödeme yöntemini tamamen kapatabilir veya sadece günün belirli saatlerinde aktif olmasını sağlayabilirsiniz.
You can make order delivery in the form of fast delivery, delivery within the day, pick-up and delivery by cargo. You can present any of these options to your users parametrically. You can set different delivery options according to order delivery regions.
You can set an additional fee for the order under the delivery fee, shipping fee or service fee. You can determine the minimum amount and delivery fee according to the order delivery area. If you wish, you may not receive the delivery fee at all or for orders over a specified amount.
You can define campaigns as you wish in the form of direct discounts or conditional discounts.
Product discounts defined in direct discount campaigns can be displayed on the application as real price and discounted price in the discounted products category.
For conditional discounts, one of the campaigns suitable for the customer's basket is selected, the discounts defined in the campaign are applied to the basket, and the discounts are displayed on the payment page.
Campaigns are also displayed on the Opportunities screen in the order application, and the customer can view the products related to the campaign on this screen.
Staff application is a separate mobile application developed for your staff who prepare and distribute orders.
When a new order is received, notifications are sent to the assigned staff and to the admin users who want to receive notifications.

Web management panel is a web application that you can manage all definitions and parameters related to "Order Application", view reports, and use from your computer or mobile devices.

All definitions and parameters such as product definitions, announcement definitions, campaign definitions, payment method definitions, personnel definitions related to the order application can be made through this application.

Open orders, all past orders can be easily tracked through this application.

Customers who do not use the staff application can manage their order preparation and delivery processes through this application.

With easy-to-understand reports on the application, you can easily access all statistics related to your sales and measure the profitability of your organization.

You can see how much of your products are sold with the reports on category, subcategory and product basis.

You can track the status of your personnel with personnel performance reports.

Only authorized users can use the authorized screens and reports.


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